How I work

My consultations are centred on you, what you want for you, in your life. We all come in different sizes and shapes, there is no right or wrong choices, there are your choices. Through a collaborative, empathetic approach, I provide you with evidence-based advice, so that you achieve the results you want.

Let’s discuss!

To allow lasting improvement in your health, it is essential that you find the right nutritionist, for you. Again, to guide you successfully in this process of change, your nutritionist must show qualities such as openness, understanding and compassion.
If you are interested in working with me, please email to request a free discovery call. This 10-15 minute informal chat will help you know me and decide if I am the right nutritionist for you.

What happens in consultation?

A nutrition consultation is first about exploring your desires, goals, motivations.
How do you feel? What brings you here? What are you trying to achieve, and why?

The way we eat -and exercise-, impacts many aspects of our lives: our body, our mood, our brain. So you may come with a precise objective or an equivocal feeling that your general health can be improved.

Together, during the initial consultation we identify the nutritional change you are motivated to achieve, why, and how it will enhance your health.

We will agree on achievable objectives and set up a plan to reach them.

To support you, I will provide you with evidence-based nutritional advice. You will receive written guidance, which can be a list of recommended foods, meal ideas, recipes, exercise suggestions etc.
In the 48 hours following your initial consultation, I will send you a written report.

What I can help you with

Healthy eating
Healthy eating for children
Pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and lactation dietary advice
Weight management
Vegetarian and vegan diets
Women’s nutrition
Symptoms such as sleeping disorders, stress, low energy, discomfort…


Initial consultation: 1 hour – £80
Follow-up consultations: 45 to 60 minutes – £50
– initial consultation + 2 follow-ups: £150, including unlimited emails/text support in between sessions
– initial consultation + 4 follow-ups: £225, including unlimited emails/text support in between sessions